2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

Page: 64

Operating the PCM telephone

The PCM telephone is operated in much the same way as the Bluetooth hands-free unit. To find out more about this, please refer to the section "Operating the Bluetooth hands-free unit (Bluetooth Mobile phone preparation)" on page 52.

If you wish to use the internal PCM telephone for telephone mode, you will need a SIM card. To this end you can
– insert the SIM card in the slot provided on the right-hand side of the device or
– connect a suitable cell phone to the PCM via Bluetooth.
To find out more, please refer to the sections "Inserting the SIM card in the PCM" on page 64 and "Connecting an authorized Bluetooth device with the PCM" on page 92 as well as "Adding a new Bluetooth device" on page 93.

Inserting the SIM card in the PCM

  • Push the SIM card (SIM = Subscriber Identification Module) into the slot provided until it engages.
    To remove the SIM card, press the card as far as possible into the slot again.

Insert the SIM card so that the metal contacts are on the left-hand side. The slanted corner of the SIM card must be on top.

The use of twin SIM cards, for example in the cell phone and the internal PCM telephone (both cards simultaneously activated), may result in impairment of the telephone functions.
For more information on this, contact your network provider.

If there is no SIM card inserted in the slot, the PCM automatically attempts to establish a Bluetooth connection with a cell phone using the SIM Access Profile. However, this is only possible if you have
– activated Bluetooth on the PCM and on the cell phone, and
– registered at least one cell phone on the PCM.
If you have not yet authorized a cell phone on the PCM, you can have the PCM search for and authorize your cell phone by selecting "Find telephone". Follow the instructions on the display for this.

Please note that to be able to use your cell phone with the PCM telephone, it must support the Bluetooth SIM Access Profile.

To find out more, please refer to the sections "Authorized Bluetooth devices" on page 92 and "Adding a new Bluetooth device" on page 93.

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