2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

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With some cell phones, the connection request by the PCM must be explicitly confirmed on the cell phone. This may even have to be done a number of times in some cases, for example before transferring the phonebook. To avoid this request, you can authorize the PCM in your cell phone's list of devices. The connection will then be established automatically and without the need for further checks in future.
Further details can be found in the operating manual for your cell phone.

With some cell phones, the Bluetooth code must be directly provided by the cell phone during the connection request. If this is the case, enter any 4-digit code in your cell phone and confirm it with OK. You will then be shown a keypad on the PCM display where you must enter the same code and confirm it.

To find out more, please refer to the sections ""Authorized Bluetooth devices" on page 92" and ""Adding a new Bluetooth device" on page 93".

Having a conversation

There is a hands-free microphone in the steering column trim panel (sports car) or in the roof control console (Cayenne) of the vehicle. This means that you can conduct all telephone calls without using a handset.
You control the volume using the left rotary knob .

The microphone is directed towards the driver to optimize the hands-free quality.

Conducting a call using a cell phone
If there is a cell phone connected to the PCM using the hands-free profile, the call is generally conducted using the hands-free unit. It can, however, be transferred to the cell phone by selecting the "Private" function.

  • During the call, select "Private" to switch the function on ( ) and off ( ).

Temporarily muting the telephone microphone

  • During the call, select "Mute microphone" to switch the function on ( ) and off ( ).

Accepting a call

As soon as a call comes in, an appropriate menu is temporarily displayed or an appropriate message shown in the bottom line.
The telephone number and the name of the caller are displayed if available.
You can accept the incoming call in a number of ways:

  • Press the Lift receiver button on the PCM. - or -
  • Selecting "Answer" on the display. - or -
  • Press the Answer button on the external cell phone. (Bluetooth hands-free unit only.)

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