2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

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The PCM can be equipped with an internal telephone (PCM telephone) as an optional accessory.
This internal telephone (PCM telephone) is a quadband GSM radio telephone (GSM 850/900/ 1800/1900) with handset and hands-free operation. It conforms to the GSM standard (Global System for Mobile communication) currently implemented in more than 100 countries.
For information on the current and planned expansion of the coverage areas of GSM networks, contact your network provider. Your PCM also offers a facility for connecting and operating an external telephone (cell phone) via a Bluetooth connection.
On the Internet under http://www.porsche.com you find a list with compatibles cell phones.

Injury hazard. The telephone must not be used near explosives or flammable materials (e.g. at a gas station) or near operations involving explosives.
Cell phones must be switched off in certain hazardous areas such as near gas stations, fuel depots, chemical plants, and demolition work in progress using explosives, for example. The electric spark from the cell phone could ignite chemical vapors near these hazardous areas, which could result in serious personal injury or death.

  • Follow corresponding instructions.
  • Observe statutory regulations and local restrictions when using the telephone.


Bluetooth is a system for establishing radio connections between electronic devices within a maximum range of approx. 33 feet.
Bluetooth allows you to use your cell phone via the PCM. You can accept, make, and end calls. You use your vehicle's audio system for hands-free operation and have access to the contents of your phonebook.

The access to the phonebook depends on the range of functions supported by the cell phone used.

The connection is established using different connection types (profiles) depending on the telephone version in your PCM:
– In the case of a PCM with PCM telephone, connection takes place exclusively using the SIM Access Profile.
When connecting using the SIM Access Profile, the SIM card of the cell phone is used for operation of the PCM telephone.
The data on the SIM card (phonebook entries and text messages) is read out by the PCM and is available for use on
the PCM.
The range of functions with a connection using the SIM Access Profile is largely the same as the function of the internal
telephone with SIM card inserted.

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