2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

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USB interface in sports car


You can connect a USB memory stick or a USB MP3 player containing audio files to the USB interface of the PCM in the center console.

Using it you can:
– Play audio data from your USB stick
(permitted formats: MP3, WMA, and AAC-LC),
– download data from the Sport display, and
– download data from the PCM logbook.

USB interface in the Cayenne

You cannot connect USB devices that require the installation of special drivers. The use of a USB hub is not permitted.
It is impossible to guarantee system compatibility with all memory sticks and MP3 players due to the rate of development of the USB media market.
USB devices with increased power requirement (e.g. fixed disk) can possibly not be operated.

It is recommended not to leave USB devices in the vehicle for long periods of time as extreme ambient conditions (temperature, humidity) can occur in vehicles.

Notes on the media supported
To avoid problems when playing your USB devices, please observe the following notes:
– Permissible media:
USB mass storage devices
USB MP3 player (to MTP standard)
– Permissible file systems:
USB devices with the file systems FAT 16 and
FAT 32 are supported.
– Permissible USB standards:
USB devices as per the USB 2.0 specifications are supported.
– Permissible file structures:
The maximum number of tracks per USB device is 10,000.
A USB device may hold a maximum of 2,000 folders in total.
Each folder in turn may contain a maximum of 1,000 tracks.
The maximum directory depth is 11 levels.
Up to 8 partitions are supported.

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