2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

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Notes on DVD mode
Video-DVDs generally feature a regional code. You will find the details of this either on the DVD cover or on the DVD itself.
The CD/DVD drive of the PCM 3 detects the respective regional code of the Video-DVD inserted. As per the "Regional Protection Code", it allows you to change the regional code up to five times.
Please contact your authorized Porsche dealer to find out how to change the regional code. You will find a list of regional codes in the section "Regional codes for Video-DVDs" on page 171.
When playing Video-DVDs, only playback of the audio information is supported.
Some of the Video-DVDs you find in stores may not conform to the standards. You may experience sound or other playback problems with these DVDs.
Discs, DVD authoring software, burning software, and burners are widely available. Due to this wide availability, we cannot guarantee that the CD/DVD drive of the PCM 3 will be able to play every userburned Video-DVD.

Audio formats supported
The PCM supports the following audio formats:

MP3 * (MPEG1 Audio Layer 3)

WMA * (Windows Media Audio)

AAC-LC * (Low Complexity Advanced Audio Coding)

DTS ** (Digital Theater Systems)

Dolby® Digital ***

Meridian Lossless Packing ****

*) Because of the multitude of different audio programs (encoder) a general possibility of playing all MP3-, WMA- and AAC-formats can not be guaranteed.
**) Manufactured under license in accordance with U.S. patent numbers 5.451.942, 5.956.674, 5.974.380, 5.978.762, 6.487.535, and other patents granted and registered in the USA and worldwide. DTS and DTS Digital Surround are registered trademarks, and the DTS logos and the DTS symbol are trademarks of DTS, Inc. © 1996- 2007 DTS, Inc. All rights reserved.
***) The double D symbol is a legally protected trademark of Dolby Laboratories. Manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories.
****) MLP LosslessTH is a trademark of Dolby Laboratories. Manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories

Loading or ejecting CDs/DVDs

Loading a disc at PCM with CD/DVD drive

  • Push the CD/DVD into the slot.
    The printed side of the CD/DVD must face upwards.

Ejecting a disc at PCM with CD/DVD drive

  • Briefly press the button.
    The CD/DVD is stopped and ejected.
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