2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

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Risk of damage.
Sound interruptions may occur if the CD/DVD is dirty. In order to ensure optimum sound quality, please note the following:

  • Always touch the CD/DVD at the edges only. Never touch the side without writing and keep the CD/DVD clean.
  • Never stick anything on the CD/DVD.
  • Protect the CD/DVD against direct sunlight and from heat sources such as heaters, etc.
  • Before playing the CD/DVD, it should be cleaned with a special, commercially available cleaning cloth, wiping from the center outwards. Solvents such as gasoline, thinners, or other commercially available cleaning agents and anti-static sprays must not be used.
  • Do not bend the CD/DVD.

The system may not be able to play copyprotected audio CDs/DVDs or CDs with CD ROM sections that do not correspond to the audio CD standard.

Notes on copyright
In principle, you are only allowed to create copies of CDs/DVDs for your own private use. The copyright exceptions do not cover circulation of the duplicated CDs/DVDs to third parties.
The music tracks that you can create for and play in MP3 mode are generally copyright-protected under the applicable international and national laws. In many countries, the reproduction of copyrighted material is not permitted, even if only for personal use, without the express prior consent of the copyright holder. Please check the current copyright laws for your country and comply with them. These restrictions do not apply to your own compositions and recordings, for example, or to recordings for which authorization has been obtained from the copyright holder.
In either case the legal situation is in force!

Notes on the media supported
To avoid problems when playing your MP3 CDs/ DVDs, please observe the following notes:
– Permissible media:
CD-R and CD-RW (650 MB and 700 MB)
– Permissible file systems:
CD-ROM (Yellow Book)/ISO 9660 Level 1/Joliet for CD (file name up to max. 64 characters)
– Permissible file structures:
The maximum number of tracks per disc is 4,000.
A disc may hold a maximum of 2,000 folders in total.
Each folder in turn may contain a maximum of 1,000 tracks.
The maximum directory depth is 11 levels.
Warranty claims on PCM units will not be accepted in cases where the PCM cannot play poor quality, user-burned CDs/DVDs, CDs of other formats, Mixed Mode CDs, CD-Extra CDs, and multi-session CDs/DVDs.
CDs/DVDs that have not been finalized cannot be played.
If a non-standard-compliant CD/DVD is inserted, such as DVD Plus (audio CD on one side, DVD on the other), the increased thickness of the medium may lead to irreparable damage to the drive.

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