2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

Page: 28

Setting the mode in radio mode

  • Keep pressing the button until the audio source SAT is highlighted in the bottom line.

The station buttons for satellite radio mode are displayed once you have set "SAT" mode. If there are already channels stored on the station buttons, the names of these channels are displayed there.
The last channel tuned to is highlighted and is playing.

Tuning to channels

You can tune to the desired channel using the station buttons, the channel list, a search, or by entering the channel directly.

Tuning to channels using the station buttons

  1. Set "SAT" mode.
  2. Briefly press the station button.
    The channel is tuned to.

To be able to tune to a channel using the station buttons, there must already be channels stored on the station buttons. To find out more, please refer to the section "Storing channels on the station buttons in the preset memories" on page 29.

Tuning to channels by manually entering the channel number

  1. Set "SAT" mode.
  2. Select "Direct tune".
    The input menu is opened. The channel number of the channel currently tuned to is displayed.
  3. Tune to the channel number using one of the following options:
    – entering it directly by selecting the number buttons,
    – tuning to the next channel from the channel list by touching the symbols and on the display,
    – turning the rotary knob to change the channel number upwards or downwards.
    As soon as a valid channel number is input, it is tuned to.

Tuning to channels by searching

  • Start a search by pressing the arrow buttons and .
    The search stops at the next available channel.
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