2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

Page: 162

Choosing a disc from the disc list
The disc list contains all available CDs/DVDs.

  • Activate voice control.

    "Disc selection".
    "Disc selection".
    The disc list is displayed.
    "Please say the number of the required disc".
    "Disc number 3".
    "Disc number 3".
    The PCM plays the corresponding CD/DVD.

The disc list is a non-voice-controlled list, to find out more about this please also refer to the section "Operating lists using voice control" on page 157.

Choosing a CD/DVD by entering the disc number
You select a specific disc directly using the "disc number" command, directly followed by the corresponding number.

Repeating a track
When this function is activated, the current track or the current chapter (Video-DVD mode) is repeated.
You switch the repeat function on and off using the "activate repeat" and "deactivate repeat" commands.

Switching the shuffle function on and off
When this function is activated, the PCM plays the tracks on the disc currently playing in random order.
You activate and deactivate the shuffle function using the "activate repeat" and "deactivate shuffle" commands.

Track scan function
When this function is activated, the PCM plays a brief snippet of each track on the disc currently playing one after the other and then skips to the next track.
You start and stop the scan function using the "Start scan" and "Stop scan" commands.

Operating example for telephone mode

Accident hazard. In emergency situations, stress may cause your voice to change to an extent where it might take longer than normal to establish a telephone connection.

  • Do not use the voice control system in cases of emergency.

Injury hazard. The telephone must not be used near explosives or flammable materials (e.g. at a gas station) or near operations involving explosives.
Cell phones must be switched off in certain hazardous areas such as near gas stations, fuel depots, chemical plants, and demolition work in progress using explosives, for example. The electric spark from the cell phone could ignite chemical vapors near these hazardous areas, which could result in serious personal injury or death.

  • Follow corresponding instructions.
  • Observe statutory regulations and local restrictions when using the telephone.
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