2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

Page: 153


The commands supported by the voice control system are divided into two categories:

Local commands
You can only say local commands within the respective main function. They are not listed here since they include all menu items shown on the display. The only exceptions are the and menus as well as the various SET menus. These are not voice controllable.
The voice control system for lists is different and is described in the section "Operating lists using voice control" on page 157.

Global commands
You can say global commands from any function.
They include:
– the main functions of your PCM,
– selected shortcuts (branching directly to a function without opening the respective main function beforehand) as well as
– the various help topics.

Global commands for the voice-controlled main functions:
– Tuner, Radio
– Disc, CD
– Phone, Telephone
– Info, Information
– Navi, Navigation
– Map,

Global commands for the non-voice-controlled main functions:
– Source, Sources
– Sound
– Trip, Trip computer

Global commands from the telephone area:
– call, dial
– call name, make call to name
– Dial number

Global commands from the navigation area:
– go to destination, go to destination ...*
– start route guidance
– stop route guidance
– input country
– input town
– input street
– input intersection
– go home
– go to office
– next ATM
– next hotel
– next restaurant
– next gas station

Global commands for the help function:
– help
– help voice control
– help devices
– help source
– help tuner
– help disc
– help phone
– help info
– help navi
– help map
– help option

Other global commands:
– stop, quit, terminate, end, and cancel
– back

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