2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

Page: 141

Map display in landmark navigation
The individual landmarks are shown as flags in the map display:
– Orange-colored flags: next landmark
– Blue flags: landmarks that have not yet been driven to
– Checked flag: the current destination landmark.
The routes between the landmarks are shown with a blue line.
Additionally, a compass is displayed at the top left to aid orientation.
When a landmark is reached, the system outputs the message "Landmark XX reached".

Recording a trip section (trace)

With off-road navigation you can record a section of a trip, even in undigitized areas. You do this by setting navigation points.
A section of this type is called a trace.

Traces can be recorded in off-road mode while route guidance is active.

The maximum number of traces that you can record and store in the destination memory is 15.
Traces are not stored in the list of previous destinations.

Map display during trace recording
During trace recording, the recorded route of the trace is shown as a blue line in the map display.

Map display when following a trace
When you drive a recorded trace, the route ahead is shown in the map in orange and the route already covered is shown in gray.

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