2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

Page: 140

Safety notice for off-road navigation

When you activate off-road navigation you are shown a notice that off-road navigation serves only to assist the driver.

  • Select "Activate "off-road" " to close this safety notice.

Landmark navigation

Within the framework of landmark navigation you can
– enter a destination by entering an address (> page 124),
– enter a destination by specifying the geographical coordinates (> page 138),
– enter a destination in the map display (> page 137),
– insert a destination from the list of previous destinations (> page 126),
– insert a destination from the personal destination memory (> page 128), and
– enter a maximum of four stopovers, in this case called "Landmarks" (> page 136).
Destinations in the digitized area can also be selected from lists and navigated to when off-road navigation is active.
These destinations are then reinterpreted as offroad destinations and navigated to using landmark navigation.

In the off-road navigation only single destinations are stored in the list of previous destinations.
Lists of landmarks are stored in the personal destination memory.

Route guidance in landmark navigation
Route guidance is by means of a compass display with the vehicle symbol in the center of the compass rose.
The orange-colored direction arrow always points in the direction of the landmark currently being navigated to.
The various landmarks are shown as colored flags.
The angular deviation between the current direction of travel and the direction to the next landmark is shown as an orange-colored segment and displayed in degrees.

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