2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

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PCM Basic functions

Switching the PCM on and off

Switching on and off via the ignition

  • Switch on the ignition.

The PCM is permanently active.
If the PCM was previously switched off using the left rotary knob (volume control), this knob must be pressed again after the ignition is switched on.

Switching on and off via the left rotary knob

  • Press the left rotary knob (volume control) for a few seconds.

Battery discharge protection
You can switch the PCM on and off via the left rotary knob even when the ignition is off. If the ignition is switched off, the PCM will automatically switch itself off after a factory-set time.

Setting the volume

Changing the volume

  • Turn the left rotary knob .

Depending on the situation, you can change the volume
– of the active audio source,
– of a driving recommendation announcement,
– of a traffic announcement,
– of a voice control announcement,
– when in hands-free mode during a telephone call,
– of the telephone ringtone during an incoming call.

Muting the device

  • Briefly press the left rotary knob .

The active audio source is muted. The mute icon can be seen in the bottom line.
Navigation recommendations, telephone calls, and traffic program announcements are still audible.

  • To cancel muting, briefly press the left rotary knob again.
  • To interrupt a navigation or traffic announcement, press the left rotary knob during the announcement.
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