2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

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General operation

With its use of visual and acoustic driving recommendations, the PCM navigation system allows you to get to your destination quickly, comfortably, and without problems.
The vehicle position is determined with the aid of a GPS antenna and a receiver in the navigation module.
The vehicle position is calculated by evaluating and processing further vehicle signals (e.g. speed) in the navigation computer. This enables the system to automatically correct signal changes due to wheel changes (altered tire diameter), temperature, or air pressure variations.
The PCM features a hard drive where the digital map data is stored.
If an area on this hard drive is damaged or corrupt, the PCM can no longer access the data in it. An appropriate message will be displayed.

The announcement of driving recommendations is suspended during a telephone call.

Accident hazard. The navigation system serves only to assist the driver and provide a suggestion for the route of the journey. This does not release you from complete responsibility for your correct conduct in traffic according to the Road Traffic Regulations or other relevant regulations. As the driver you must assess the traffic situation.

  • Continue to pay attention to the traffic situation.

You have sole responsibility for road safety while driving your vehicle.

To ensure you make the most effective use of your PCM navigation system, please observe the following points:
– GPS reception can be impaired under trees or between high buildings. No GPS reception is possible in parking
garages, tunnels, and similar.
– The GPS antenna must not be covered by metallic or damp objects.
– After the vehicle on-board voltage has been interrupted (e.g. for changing the vehicle battery), it can take up to 15
minutes or more depending on the reception conditions for the GPS to re-initialize.
– After transporting the vehicle, for example by ferry, it can take a few minutes depending on the reception conditions
after switching on until the current GPS position has been established.
– Without GPS reception, the system calculates the current position using the vehicle signals and therefore remains
operational in situations where the reception is temporarily poor.
– After initial start-up of the navigation system, the fine calibration requires approx. 30 miles.
– High wheel slip (spin on snow) can result in an incorrect position being given for a short time.
– After a tire change (e.g. summer/winter tires), fine calibration will only be reached after up to 30 miles.
– Fine calibration must be completed before full location accuracy is achieved.

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