2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

Page: 120

  1. Select the desired recording.
  2. Select "Transfer data".
    The list is opened again. You can now choose whether you wish to transfer an individual recording only or all recordings.
    Select the desired recording or list entry using "All".
    You can choose whether you wish to transfer the data to an external device via a Bluetooth connection or whether you wish to use the USB interface to transfer the data.
    A directory called "SportChrono" is created on the storage medium during transfer of the data.

Transferring data via the USB interface

  1. Select "to USB".
    The data is transferred provided there is a storage medium without write protection and with sufficient free memory connected.
    Otherwise you are notified of the problem with the data transfer by means of an error message.

Transferring data via the Bluetooth® interface

Please note that the radio connection between the two devices must be activated for data transfer using Bluetooth®. To find out how to activate this radio connection, please refer to the section "Switching Bluetooth on" on page 51.
You will only be able to access the "to USB" transfer method if there is a USB memory stick connected to the USB interface. To find out more about the permissible USB memory media, please refer to the section "Notes on the media supported" on page 42.

  1. Select "to Bluetooth".
  2. The list of known devices that are suitable for a transfer is displayed. If the desired device is not there, you can search for further devices.
    To do this, press "New device" (see also the section "Adding a new Bluetooth device" on page 61).
  3. Sign on the desired device.
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