2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

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Showing the first letter of the list entries
You can show the first letter of list entries to make it easier to find your way in long lists. This function is available with the following lists:
– the phonebook,
– the list for the music search in the iPod or in USB mode, or
– the track list in iPod, USB, and MP3 mode.
Only letters with corresponding entries in the list will be displayed.

  • Touch one of the two symbols and for several seconds. - or -
  • Quickly turn the right rotary knob .

Operating selection boxes (checkboxes)

Some menu items have a box. These menu items represent a function that you can activate or deactivate by selecting (checking) the box. :
Function switched on/activated :
Function switched off/deactivated

Operating radio buttons

If a menu item has a circle instead of a box, this is what is called a radio button.
In contrast to the functions of checkboxes which can be freely combined, radio buttons can only activate one menu item at a time.
Like checkboxes, radio buttons are activated or deactivated by selecting them.
You can tell an activated radio button by the solid circle.

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