2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

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Lap details
You see the lap details in the right half of the display. It comprises:
– the time of the fastest lap,
– the current lap time,
– information on the remaining tank range (in remaining laps and as a distance) as well as
– the available remaining memory.

The left half of the display shows a circle diagram. It indicates the distance covered referred to a complete lap.
The circle diagram assumes different colors depending on whether the current lap is faster, as fast as, or slower than the previous fastest lap:
– green - current lap is faster,
– yellow - current lap is as fast,
– red - current lap is slower.
The number in the center of the colored circle indicates the current lap.

The first recorded lap is used as the reference lap if you have not loaded an existing reference lap.
Neither the remaining number of laps nor the fastest lap time is displayed while the first lap is being recorded. The circle diagram is not filled yet either.

Available memory is full
If the available memory is full, a message to this effect appears in the display. The lap details will continue to be displayed, however the lap during which the message appears as well as any further laps will no longer be recorded.
A maximum of 8 hours can be recorded.

Stopping recording

You stop the stopwatch and therefore the recording in progress by selecting "Stop timing" in the on-board computer menu.
The recorded data is stored.

Continuing recording

You are returned to the Sport display the next time you restart the stopwatch by means of "Continue" in the on-board computer menu.
This is only possible, however, if you do not reset the stopwatch in the on-board computer menu.

Ending a lap/starting a new lap

Selecting "Intermediate time" > "New lap?" in the on-board computer menu ends one lap and starts a new lap.
"Interval" initiates timekeeping and "New lap" initiates storage (storage must take place within 3 seconds).

Timing the interval

Selecting "Intermediate time" in the on-board computer menu and then pressing the operating lever forwards displays the interval for approx. 5 seconds.

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