2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

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The Sport display (only available for sports cars)

The Sport display is part of the Sport Chrono Package Plus that also includes a stopwatch and buttons for dynamic driving settings (Sport mode). The combination of the stopwatch and PCM allows lap data to be recorded and evaluated.
The time is recorded by the stopwatch operated using the on-board computer in the instrument cluster.
Please also refer to the chapter "Chrono" in your owner's manual for more information on this.
The graphical display as well as the storage and evaluation of the recorded lap times and the associated lap lengths is performed by the PCM.
The following information can be recorded and displayed for each driven lap:
– the fastest lap time and in comparison the current lap time,
– a comparison of the current lap and the fastest lap so far,
– the portion of the lap already covered, and
– the distance or number of laps possible with the remaining fuel.

The functions of the Sport display can be used for any route (e.g. trip to work), not just laps.
Any recorded lap/route can be defined as a reference route. This then forms the comparison basis for further laps/routes and recorded times. Laps/routes with lengths deviating from the reference lap by more than 15 percent (longer or shorter) are tagged in the evaluation.

Starting recording

Recording starts as soon as you start the stopwatch in the CHRONO on-board computer menu. The first lap corresponds to the reference lap if none has already been loaded. The reference lap is needed to display the circle diagram and the remaining laps left in the tank.
You start the recording as well as continue the individual laps by operating the stopwatch in the on-board computer menu.
To find out more, please also refer to the corresponding chapter in the owner's manual.

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