2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

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L - Eject button
By pressing the button, you execute the following functions depending on the equipment of your PCM:
PCM without CD/DVD changer
– A CD or DVD inserted in the drive is ejected and can be removed.
PCM with CD/DVD changer
– The CD/DVD changer menu is opened. By pressing the button again, the highlighted CD or DVD is ejected and
can be removed.
– If you press the button for a number of seconds and there are no CDs/DVDs in the changer compartments yet,
you will be prompted to fill the individual compartments one after the other.
– If you press the button for several seconds and the magazine compartments are at least partially filled, all CDs or
DVDs will be ejected one after the other.

Operating menus
The menu is operated using the touchscreen or using the right rotary knob as well as the button.

Activating/selecting a menu item

  • Touch the menu item on the display. - or -
  • Highlight the menu item by turning the right rotary knob and then activate it by pressing the rotary knob .

The process of highlighting and activating using the right rotary knob or touching the menu item on the display is referred to below as "selecting".

Exiting a menu

  • Press the button to get to the next higher level in the menu. - or -
  • Press a main menu button to return to a main menu.

Operating lists

Selecting certain menu items calls up lists. Depending on the context, individual or multiple entries in these lists can be selected.

Navigating in lists
The following control options are available to you for selecting a list entry:

  • touch the symbols and on the display,
  • touch the scrollbar between the two symbols and ,
  • turn the right rotary knob .

Highlighted list entries are framed in orange.

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