2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

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F - Back button
By pressing the Back button , you can execute various functions:
Briefly press the button:
– undo a selection from the menu,
– cancel a list selection.
Press and hold the button:
– delete all characters already entered in an input menu.

G - button
Since not all control options for a main menu can be shown on one display, the menu combines various control options for the main menus. You call up these control options by pressing the button.
Instead of pressing the button you can also touch the tab of the same name on the display.

H - and arrow buttons
By briefly pressing the arrow buttons you can:
– start a search upwards or downwards in radio mode,
– skip a track in CD/DVD, USB, or iPod mode.
You start the fast forward or reverse by pressing the arrow buttons for several seconds in CD/DVD mode.

I - Lift receiver button and End call button
By pressing the Lift receiver button you can:
– accept an incoming call or
– call up the quick dial function.
By pressing the End call button you can:
– reject an incoming call or
– end an active call.

J - Touchscreen
By briefly touching the display, you can operate all controllable elements such as menu items, list entries, arrow symbols, etc.

K - Slot for the optional telephone SIM card
To use the internal telephone, you must push the SIM card into the slot provided.
Alternatively, the SIM card of a cell phone with the Bluetooth® SIM Access Profile can be used.

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