2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

Page: 89

A - Defrosting the windshield
B - Heated rear window
C - Temperature sensor
D - AC OFF button (air-conditioning compressor off/on)
E - Recirculating-air button
F - Temperature button
G - AUTO button (automatic mode)
H - Air distribution to footwell
I - Air distribution to central and side vents
J - Air distribution to windshield
K - Blower speed button

Automatic Air Conditioning System
The automatic air-conditioning system controls the preselected interior temperature completely automatically.

If necessary, the automatic system can be manually adjusted.

Automatic mode

  • Press AUTO button G.
    AUTO will appear on the display panel. Air quantity and distribution are automatically controlled and variations are compensated.

All automatic setting functions can be individually changed.

This setting is retained until the appropriate function button is pressed again or the AUTO button is pressed.

Setting temperature

  • Press button F upwards or downwards respectively.

To suit personal comfort, the interior temperature can be adjusted between 61 °F and 85 °F/16 °C and 29.5 °C.

Recommendation: 72 °F/22 °C.

If "LO" or "HI" appears on the display, the system is operating at maximum cooling or heating power.

Automatic control is no longer active.

If the preselected temperature is changed, the blower speed can increase automatically in automatic mode.

The desired temperature is reached more quickly this way.

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