2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

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1, 2, 3 - Programmable buttons
A - Light-emitting diode for status identification

The programmable HomeLink® replaces up to three original hand-held transmitters used to operate various devices (e.g. garage door, gate to the property, alarm system).

You can program buttons 1 to 3 with a frequency of an original handheld transmitter.

Operation of On-Board Systems

When opening and closing the equipment being operated, parts of the body could become trapped or crushed.

  • When using the HomeLink, ensure that no persons, animals or objects are within the range of movement of the equipment that is being operated.
  • Observe the safety notes for the original handheld transmitter.

Preconditions for operating and programming the HomeLink®:
– Ignition is switched on.
– Daytime driving lights/fog lights are switched off.

To operate the respective device:

  • Press the appropriate button (1, 2 or 3).
    Light-emitting diode A lights up during signal transfer.


  • Always use the HomeLink® opener in the direction of travel.
    Otherwise, range restrictions cannot be ruled out.
  • Before selling the vehicle, delete the programmed signals of the HomeLink®.
  • Please read the instructions for the original hand-held transmitter to find out whether the original transmitter is equipped with fixed or changeable code.
  • Always fit new batteries in your hand-held transmitter before programming your original transmitter.

Allocating signals to the buttons

  • Please follow the operating instructions for the original hand-held transmitter.

Prior to programming the HomeLink® for the first time
The following process deletes the standard codes set at the factory. Do not repeat the process if you program further buttons.

  • Keep the two outer buttons 1 and 3 depressed for approx. 20 seconds until lightemitting diode A begins to flash quickly.
    All programmed signals of buttons 1 to 3 are deleted.

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