2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

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Turn Signal / Headlight Dimmer / Parking light / Flasher Lever
Turn signals, low beam and high beam are ready for operation when the ignition is on.

1 – Turn signal left
2 – Turn signal right
Push the lever to the upper or lower pressure point – turn signals flash three times
3 – High beam
4 – Headlight flasher
Lever in center position – Low beam

When high beam and headlight flasher are selected, the blue indicator light in the tachometer is lit.

The turn signal lever turns off automatically when the steering wheel is straightened out after completing a turn.

Lane changer

  • To indicate your intention when changing lanes on the freeway, slightly lift or depress the lever to the resistance point.
    The lever will return to the OFF position when released.
  • If the frequency of the display becomes noticeably faster, check the operation of the turn signal bulbs.

Headlight flasher
(With ignition on or off)

  • To flash the headlights to oncomming motorists, slightly pull the lever toward the steering wheel and then release it.
    The blue indicator light in the tachometer will go on/off as you pull/release the lever.

Parking light
The parking light can only be switched on when the ignition is switched off.

  • Move the lever up or down to switch on the right or left parking light.

Individual Light Functions
Further individual light functions are available in vehicles with Sport Chrono Plus package.

  • Please refer to the chapter "Individual Memory" in the separate PCM operating instructions.
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