2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

Page: 54

A - Orientation light
B - Interior light switch, footwell light

Interior lights

  • Please see the chapter "LOAD SWITCH-OFF AFTER 2 HOURS OR 7 DAYS" on page 214.

Interior light, footwell lights (not on Boxster Spyder)
Switching off

  • Press left half of switch.

Switching to continuous illumination

  • Press right half of switch.

Switching on and off automatically

  • Move switch to center position.

The lights are switched on when a door is unlocked or opened or when the ignition key is withdrawn from the ignition lock.

The lights are switched off with a delay of approx. 30 seconds after the door is closed.

The lights go out immediately as soon as the ignition key is inserted in the ignition lock or the vehicle is locked.

Orientation light
The light-emitting diode in the interior light improves your orientation inside the vehicle when it is dark.

On vehicles with Sport Chrono Package Plus, the brightness of the orientation light can be changed in PCM.

  • Please see the chapter "Individual Memory" in the separate PCM operating instructions.

Parking Aids
Parking assistant
When the driver backs up, the parking assistant system indicates the distance between the car and a large obstacle behind it, by means of signal tones.

Parking Assistant Limits

Parking assistant cannot detect small objects such as children and pets.

Responsibility for parking and for assessing the risk to persons around the vehicle lies completely with the driver.

  • Make sure that no persons, especially small children, animals or obstacles are within the maneuvering area.

The parking assistant system is activated automatically when reverse gear is selected and the ignition is on.

Be aware that the parking assistant system is not switched on if the car rolls backward without reverse gear being engaged.

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