2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

Page: 48

Sport Mode
A sportier car set-up is obtained when Sport mode is switched on. Interventions by the Porsche control systems are intentionally shifted towards greater agility and driving performance:
– PASM (Porsche Active Suspension Management) is automatically changed to Sport mode, resulting in a stiffer
suspension setup.
– When Sport mode is active, the PDK transmission switches to a sporty gear-changing map and shortens the gear shifting
times. Gear changes take place faster, but fuel consumption is also increased.
PSM (Porsche Stability Management) control gives a sportier road-feel to the vehicle. PSM interventions take place later
than in Normal mode. The driver can maneuver the vehicle with greater agility at its performance limits, without having
to dispense with the assistance of PSM in emergency situations. This helps to achieve optimal lap times, particularly
on race circuits with a dry road surface.
– The electronic accelerator pedal reacts sooner, and the engine is more responsive to throttle inputs. When Sport mode
is switched on, this function is activated only after the driver has floored the accelerator pedal or released it briefly.
– The rpm limiter characteristic is "harder", i.e. the engine is immediately throttled when the performance limits are
reached (only in manual selection mode for vehicles with PDK transmission).

  • Please observe the chapters on PSM, PASM and PDK.

Switching Sport mode on and off
Switching Sport mode on and off simultaneously activates and deactivates the Sport mode in PASM.

If PASM Sport mode was activated with the PASM button, PASM remains active.

After the ignition is switched off, Sport mode is automatically reset to Normal mode.

SPORT button

  • Press SPORT button A in the center console. When Sport mode is switched on, the light-emitting diode in the SPORT button is lit.
    The SPORT logo appears next to the digital speedometer on vehicles with manual transmission or on the steering wheel on vehicles with PDK.

A sporty gear-changing map is enabled and the gear shifting times are shortened for the PDK transmission.

A sporty driving style is recognized more quickly and the gear-changing speeds are adapted to driving performance.

Deceleration downshifts are commenced earlier. Downshifts are made during slight decelerations, even at higher engine speeds.

  • Please see the chapter "SPORT MODE ("SPORT" AND "SPORT PLUS" MODES)" on page 145.

SPORT PLUS button (only on vehicles with PDK transmission)
In "Sport Plus" mode, the PDK transmission changes to a shift program designed for driving on race circuits. 7th gear is not selected.

The gear-changing performance is enhanced significantly again compared with "Sport" mode.

  • Please see the chapter "SPORT MODE ("SPORT" AND "SPORT PLUS" MODES)" on page 145.
  • Press SPORT PLUS button B in the center console.
    When Sport mode is switched on, the lightemitting diode in the SPORT PLUS button is lit.

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