2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

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Warning light USA

Warning light Canada

When the ignition is switched on the ABS warning light will light up while the system is electronically interrogated and goes out when the engine is started if the check is not yet complete.

If the ABS warning lamp fails to go out, this indicates that ABS has been deactivated due to a fault. If the warning lights in the instrument panel and on-board computer light up while you are driving, this indicates that a fault has occurred. In both cases, normal braking, as in vehicles without ABS, is still retained.

The ABS system should, however, be examined at an authorized Porsche dealer immediately to prevent the occurrence of further faults.

  • If the ABS system becomes inoperative, take your vehicle to your authorized Porsche dealer immediately.

Improper Tire Size

The control unit of the ABS brake system is set for standard tire size. If non-standard tires are installed, the control unit may misinterpret the speed of the vehicle, because of the variant data it receives from the sensors on the axles.

  • Use only tire makes and types tested by Porsche.

Clutch Pedal
The clutch pedal must be depressed fully before the starter will engage.

Obstructed Clutch Pedal

Unsuitable or incorrectly installed floor mats or objects can obstruct the movement of the pedal or prevent application of the pedal.

  • Do not obstruct the pedal travel with floor mats or other objects.
  • Secure the floor mat to prevent it from sliding into positions that could interfere with the safe operation of your vehicle.
    Your Porsche dealer will be glad to offer you nonskid floor mats of the correct size including a securing possibility.

Risk of damage to the clutch and transmission.

  • Always depress the clutch pedal fully when changing gears.
  • Do not hold the car on a steep grade with the clutch pedal partially depressed.

Should the free travel of the clutch pedal suddenly become larger, it could mean a malfunction of the clutch.

  • See your Porsche dealer for correction.

Sports Exhaust System
Switching on and off

  • The sports exhaust system can be switched on and off when the ignition is switched on using button A.
    When the sports exhaust system is switched on, the light-emitting diode in the button lights up.

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