2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

Page: 43

LATCH System
Child seat bracket on the passenger's seat

  • Do not install a child restraint system in the Sports bucket seat.
    The Sports bucket seat cannot be equipped with the LATCH system.

The key switch for switching off the passenger's airbag and the LATCH attachment bracket are not installed at the factory. They can be retrofitted (not on vehicles with Sports bucket seats).

  • Please see your authorized Porsche dealer.

Porsche recommends the use of a Porsche Child Seat with Lower Anchorage and Tether for Children system (LATCH).

These systems have been tested and adjusted to the interior of your Porsche and the appropriate child weight groups. Other systems have not been tested and could entail an increased risk of injury. You can obtain child seats that are LATCH compatible at your authorized Porsche dealer.

  • Always see the separate installation instructions for your child seat.
  • Please see the chapter "CHILD RESTRAINT SYSTEMS" on page 40.

Installing a LATCH child seat system

  1. Secure the child seat to retaining lugs A as outlined in the instruction manual for the child seat.
  2. Pull the child seat to check that both fastening points are engaged correctly.


  • Make sure that the key switch is switched to AUTO once the child seat has been removed, in order to provide protection to the adult occupants.

Parking Brake
Parking brake force is mechanically transferred to the rear wheels by means of cables.

  • Use the parking brake only after the vehicle has come to a full stop.

Setting the parking brake

  • Pull the lever all the way up (arrow).
    With the ignition on, the parking brake warning lights in the instrument panel and on-board computer will come on if the lever is even slightly raised. A firm pull upward is required to properly engage the parking brake.
    If the brake is not fully set, the vehicle may roll without control.
  • Move the selector lever to "P" (PDK) or move the gearshift lever to reverse or first gear (Manual transmission).
  • Before exiting the vehicle, make sure that the parking brake is fully set and the vehicle is not moving at all.
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