2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

Page: 42

Small adult passengers
Some smaller adults may not turn off the PASSENGER AIRBAG OFF indicator lamp. If the lamp is lit when an adult occupies the seat, they should reposition their body properly, centered in the seat with feet on the floor and not leaning on adjacent body parts. If the lamp still does not turn off, the vehicle should be taken to a authorized Porsche dealer for evaluation.

When the ignition key is inserted on and the small adult passenger is seated on the passenger's seat, the indicator lamp "PASSENGER AIRBAG OFF" must be off.

If the "PASSENGER AIRBAG OFF" indicator lamp lights up, it could indicate a fault in the system. In this case:

  • Have the system evaluated and if necessary, remedied at an authorized Porsche dealer.

Automatic locking retractor

  • Do not install a child restraint system in the Sports bucket seat.
    The Sports bucket seat cannot be equipped with the LATCH system.

The safety belt for the passenger is equipped with an automatic locking retractor for securing the child restraint system. When activated, this retractor allows you to securely fasten the child restraint system in place so that inadvertent movements will not occur.

Before transporting a child on the passenger seat:

  • Please see the chapter "CHILD RESTRAINT SYSTEMS" on page 40.

Adjusting Childseat After Fastening

  • After fastening the child restraint system, do not adjust the seat in any direction.

Moving the seat could pull the safety belt against the child restraint, applying increased pressure to the seat, and cause the "PASSENGER AIRBAG OFF" indicator lamp to go off and activate the airbag system.

  • Check the condition of the passenger's airbag shown by the indicator lamp in the central console.

Activating the automatic locking retractor

  1. If a child restraint system must be fastened to the passenger's seat, adjust the passenger's seat as far away from the airbag as possible.
  2. Fasten child seat.
  3. Pull the safety belt retractor completely out. At this point the locking mechanism is activated.
  4. Insert the safety belt tongue into the buckle and make certain that it is properly latched.
    Make no more adjustments to the seat.
  5. Allow the safety belt to retract until it is tight on the child restraint system. You may further tighten the belt by pulling on it to allow more of it to retract.
    Make sure that excessive seat belt forces do not occur by moving the seat with the child seat installed.

Releasing the safety belt

  1. Unbuckle the safety belt latch.
  2. Then make certain that the belt has fully retracted. At this point the automatic locking feature will be disengaged.
    Seek appropriate advice from your authorized Porsche dealer about the possible installation of a Porsche child restraint system.
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