2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

Page: 40

Child Restraint Systems

  • Do not install a child restraint system in the Sports bucket seat.
    The Sports bucket seat cannot be equipped with the LATCH system.

Porsche recommends that all infants and children be restrained in child restraint systems at all times while the vehicle is in motion in accordance with applicable laws.

Use only child restraint systems with the LATCHsystem recommended by Porsche. These systems have been tested and adjusted to the interior of your Porsche and the appropriate child weight groups. Other systems have not been tested and could entail an increased risk of injury or death.

You can obtain child seats that are LATCH compatible at your authorized Porsche dealer.

  • Always see the separate installation instructions for your child seat.

The use of infant or child restraints is required by law in all 50 states of the U.S. and all Canadian provinces. The child restraint system should be one that complies with U.S. Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and should be secured by a lap belt or lap belt portion of a lapshoulder belt or for child seats equipped with the LATCH sytem (Lower Anchorage and Tether for Children, also known as ISOFIX) to the LATCH anchorages.

A statement by the seat manufacturer of compliance with this standard can be found on the instruction label on the restraint and in the instruction manual provided with the restraint.

Child Restraint in Passenger Seat

The use of a child restraint system in the passenger seat can result in serious personal injury or death to the child from an airbag deployment.

To reduce risk of injury from an inflating airbag in an accident, Porsche strongly recommends:

  • Please see the chapter "PASSENGER AIRBAG OFF INDICATOR LAMP DOES NOT LIGHT UP" on page 38.
  • Please see the chapter "CHILD RESTRAINT SYSTEMS" on page 40.
  • Do not install a child restraint system in the Sports bucket seat.
    The Sports bucket seat cannot be equipped with the LATCH system.

The key switch for switching off the passenger's airbag and the LATCH attachment bracket are not installed at the factory. They can be retrofitted (not on vehicles with Sports bucket seats).

  • Please see your authorized Porsche dealer.

Improper Use of Child Restraint

  • Follow all child restraint instructions and warnings in this manual.

– When using an infant or child restraint system, be sure to follow all manufacturer's instructions on installation and use.
– Infants and small children should never be held on the lap, nor should they share a safety belt with another occupant while
the vehicle is in motion.
– Children too big for child restraint systems should use regular safety belts. A shoulder belt can be used providing it
does not cross the face or the neck of the child.
– Choose a child restraint system according to the weight of the child.
– Child restraint systems that are damaged or have been heavily stressed in an accident must be replaced immediately.
– Children could be endangered in a crash if their child restrains are not properly secured in the vehicle.
– Do not affix things to child restraint systems or cover it with other materials.
– Your authorized Porsche dealer will be glad to advise you about the installation possibility for a Porsche child restraint
system which allows a key-operated airbag deactivation of the passenger's airbag.
– The key-operated airbag deactivation device installation requires special programming available only from your
authorized Porsche dealer.

  • Please see the chapter "KEY-OPERATED AIRBAG DEACTIVATION DEVICE" on page 39.
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