2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

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Multi-Functional Steering Wheel

Distraction from Steering Wheel Functions

Setting or operating the on-board computer, radio, navigation system, telephone or other equipment when driving could distract you from the traffic. You could lose control of the vehicle resulting in serious personal injury or death.

  • Operate the components while driving only if the traffic situation allows you to do so safely.
  • Carry out any complicated operating or setting procedures only with the vehicle stationary.

Depending on the equipment in your vehicle, you can use the function keys of the multi-functional steering wheel to operate the following Porsche communication systems:
– Telephone
– Radio with CD-Drive
– CD-Audio

Readiness for operation of multi-functional steering wheel
The multi-functional steering wheel is ready for operation when the ignition and PCM are switched on.

Operating the function keys

  • Please read the separate PCM operating instructions before operating the function keys.

The rotary knobs at the top left and right of the steering wheel can also be pressed.

Turn volume control
Upwards – increase volume.
Downwards – decrease volume.
Press volume control
To switch volume/mute on and off.

Turn rotary knob
To select/mark function in the PCM within a menu. To do this, turn the rotary knob upward or downward.
Press rotary knob
To activate selected function.

Press screen button
To call the stored PCM function.
The button can be assigned the desired function in the PCM.

Press Back button
To move back in the PCM menu.

Press Handset Pickup button
To accept a telphone call.

Press Handset Hangup button
To end or refuse a telephone call.

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