2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

Page: 238

Vehicle Identification
When ordering spare parts or making inquiries, please always quote the vehicle identification number.

Vehicle data bank
The vehicle data bank is attached to the inside of the "Maintenance" booklet.

It contains all important data about your vehicle.

This data bank cannot be re-ordered if it is lost or damaged.

This label contains the following information:

  1. Vehicle Identification No.
  2. Type/Type description
  3. Engine code/Transmission code
  4. Paint No./Interior
  5. Optional equipment

Vehicle identification number
In accordance with Federal Safety Regulations, the vehicle identification number of your car is located at the bottom left of the windshield frame and can be seen from the outside.

The vehicle identification number is in the luggage compartment under the battery cover and at the bottom left behind the windshield.

Removing the battery cover

  • Please see the chapter "BATTERY" on page 216.

Safety compliance sticker
The safety compliance sticker is your assurance that your new Porsche complies with all applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards which were in effect at the time the vehicle was manufactured.

  • The sticker also shows the month and year of production and the vehicle identification number of your car (perforations) as well as the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating and the Gross Axle Weight Rating.
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