2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

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Anti-crushing protection
If a side window is blocked during closing, it will stop and open again by about an inch.

Manual Functioning of Power Windows

If the rocker switch is pressed again within 10 seconds of the window being blocked, the window will close with its full closing force. Anticrushing protection is disabled.

  • Once the anti-crushing protection acts to stop the window and opens it slightly, do not press the rocker switch again within 10 seconds without checking to make sure that nothing is blocking the path of the window.
    The window will close with full closing force.
  • Take care to ensure that nobody can be injured when the windows close.

One-touch operation is disabled for 10 seconds after blockage of a side window.

Automatic window lowering

  • Please see the chapter "DOORS" on page 15.
  • Please see the chapter "CONVERTIBLE TOP (BOXSTER, BOXSTER S)" on page 150.

Storing end position of the windows
If the battery is disconnected and reconnected, the windows will not be raised automatically when the door is closed.

  1. Close the windows with the rocker switch once.
  2. Press the rocker switch upwards again to store the end position of the windows in the control unit.

Deactivating the passenger compartment monitoring system for one locking process
If a person or animal remains in the car while it is locked, the passenger compartment monitoring system must be switched off (Boxster Spyder does not have passenger compartment monitoring).

  • Quickly lock car twice.
    The doors are locked but can be opened from the inside:
  1. Pull inner door handle once to unlock door lock.
  2. Pull inner door handle again to open door.

Inside mirror
When the mirror is being adjusted, the anti-glare lever A must point forward.
Basic position: lever forward
Anti-glare position: lever back

Door mirrors
Before driving the vehicle, adjust the outside and inside mirrors.

It is important for safe driving that you have clear, unobstructed vision to the rear.

Blocking the Driver's Vision

  • Do not put anything on or near the windows or the mirrors that may interfere with the driver's vision.

Risk of damage to the door mirrors when washing the vehicle in a car wash.

  • Fold in door mirrors before using the car wash.

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