2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

Page: 204

Tires with a maximum speed rating that is lower than the specified maximum vehicle speed may be mounted only if they bear an M+S identification on the tire sidewall.

  • Please note that in addition to the winter tires, all-season and all-terrain tires are also subject to speed limits and bear this identification.

Inscription on light alloy wheels


  • Protect the valve inserts against soiling with valve caps.
    Use only plastic valve caps.
    Soiled valve inserts can cause a gradual loss of air.


  • The rim width in inches A and the rim offset F are visible from the outside.
    The information is inscribed on the back of the spokes near the tire valve.

A - Rim width in inches
B - Rim-flange contour code letter
C - Symbol for drop-center rim
D - Rim diameter in inches
E - Double hump
F - Rim offset in mm

Loading Information
The Curb weight - actual weight of your vehicle - vehicle weight including standard and optional equipment, fluids and emergency tools. This weight does not include passengers and cargo.

The Gross Vehicle Weight is sum of the curb weight and the weight of passengers and cargo combined.

The Gross Vehicle Weight Rating is the maximum total weight of vehicle, passengers, luggage and optional equipment.

The Gross Axle Weight Rating is the maximum load limit for the front or the rear axle. This information is located on the safety compliance sticker located in the driver's side door jamb.

For determining the compatibility of the tire and vehicle load capabilities:

  • Please see the chapter "TECHNICAL DATA" on page 240.

The load capacity coefficient (e.g. "100") is a minimum requirement.

The Gross Combined Weight Rating is the maximum total weight rating of vehicle, passengers and cargo.

The Vehicle Capacity Weight - Load Limit - is the maximum total weight limit specified of the load (passengers and cargo) for the vehicle. This is the maximum weight of passengers and cargo that can be loaded into the vehicle. This information can be found on the tire pressure plate.

The maximum loaded vehicle weight is the sum of curb weight, accessory weight, vehicle capacity weight and production options weight.

The load rating is the maximum load that a tire is rated to carry for a given inflation pressure.

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