2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

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  • Apply paint preservative after washing the vehicle to preserve the paintwork.
    Read the instructions provided by the manufacturer.
    This keeps the paint shiny and elastic and prevents dirt from adhering to the paint surface and industrial dust from penetrating the paint.

Your authorized Porsche dealer will be pleased to advise you.

Do not resort to using Porsche polish until it becomes evident that the normal preservatives no longer produce the desired finish.

Spots and stains

  • Remove tar stains, grease, oil spots and dead insects as soon as possible with Insect Remover. They can cause discoloration if allowed to remain on the paintwork.
  • Wash the affected area immediately after treating it.

Minor paint damage

  • Have minor paint damage, such as scratches, scores or chips caused by flying stones, repaired immediately by your authorized Porsche dealer before corrosion sets in.

However, if there are already traces of corrosion, they must first be removed carefully and thoroughly. Coat the area with a rust-proofing primer and finish off with a top coat. The paint code and color number are found on the data bank in the Maintenance booklet.

  • Please see the chapter "VEHICLE DATA BANK" on page 238.

Engine compartment
The engine compartment and the surface of the engine are treated with a corrosion-inhibitor at the factory.

If degreasing solvents are used to clean the engine compartment or the engine is washed down, the process almost invariably removes the corrosion-inhibiting coating. It is then absolutely necessary to have a durable preservative applied to all surfaces, body seams, joints and assemblies in the engine compartment. This also applies when corrosion-inhibitor parts are replaced.

Risk of damage to the alternator.

  • Do not point the cleaning jet directly at the alternator, or cover the alternator.

Effective rust-proofing is particularly important during the cold weather season. If the vehicle is driven frequently in areas where salt has been spread on the roads, the engine compartment should be cleaned thoroughly and subsequently sealed after the cold weather season to prevent salt from causing any lasting damage.

The road dust which settles on the windshield and windows contains particles of tire rubber and oil residue. The interior trim and upholstery release particles, particularly in strong sunlight, which collect on the insides of the windows. These deposits are augmented by impurities in the air which enters the car through the fresh air vents.

  • Clean all windows regularly, inside and outside, with Porsche window cleaner.
  • If you use a chamois leather for the windows, do not use it for paintwork as it will otherwise pick up a certain amount of preservative or polish and could smear the windows and thus impair vision.
  • Remove dead insects with Porsche insect remover.

Door windows feature a water-repellent (hydrophobic) coating which prevents soiling of the windows.

This coating is subject to natural wear and can be renewed.

  • Consult an authorized Porsche dealer.

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