2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

Page: 188

Water drains on Boxster, Boxster S

Water drains in the convertible top area
If cars are frequently parked under or close to trees, it will be necessary to wash the car and convertible top more often due to the effects of weathering and environmental factors.

The hood compartment must also be checked regularly for dirt and the presence of foreign bodies, e.g. leaves, and may have to be cleaned.

We recommend that you do this regularly before washing the car.

Water drain on Boxster Spyder

  1. Open the convertible top until the hood compartment lid is at the topmost position (Boxster, Boxster S) or open the rear luggage compartment lid (Boxster Spyder).
  2. Remove the ignition key so that the convertible top is not operated unintentionally (Boxster, Boxster S).
  • Please see the chapter "OPENING CONVERTIBLE TOP" on page 151.
  • Please see the chapter "REAR LUGGAGE COMPARTMENT LID (BOXSTER SPYDER)" on page 75.
  • Check the hood compartment around the water drains 1 and 2 at the right and left of the vehicle for dirt and foreign bodies.
    Remove any dirt and foreign bodies you find. Lift the convertible top up slightly to do this (arrow A, Boxster, Boxster S).

If the water only drains out very slowly, the water drains must be cleaned immediately.

  • We recommend that you use an authorized Porsche dealer for this work since these are staffed with trained personnel and have the necessary parts and tools.

Door lock

  • To prevent the door lock from freezing during the cold season, the lock cylinder should be covered during a wash.
  • Should the lock freeze, use an ordinary de-icer.
    In many cases, a well warmed key can help.
    Never use excessive force.

To protect the paint on your vehicle in the best possible way against mechanical and chemical damage, you should
– preserve it regularly,
– polish it if necessary,
– remove spots and stains, and
– repair damaged paintwork.

  • Do not apply care products containing silicone to the convertible top and windows.

General information

  • Never rub a dusty vehicle with a dry cloth, because the grains of dirt will damage the paintwork.
  • Do not treat matt-painted components with preservatives or polishes, otherwise the matt effect will be lost.

The paint surface becomes dull over time due to weathering.

  • Preserve paint regularly.
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