2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

Page: 187

Convertible top

  • Never remove snow and ice using a sharp edged object.

Incorrect care and treatment can damage the convertible top and cause leaks. Any repair work can be done by your authorized Porsche dealer.

Important note
No folding top is 100% leak proof.
Due to the constant changing of loads and strains to which a car is subject to when driving on roads, minor wind noise and seepage at joints between the top, body and doors on convertible tops cannot be completely sealed in certain areas.

Therefore small leaks are considered normal for these models. In addition, your convertible top should not be washed in a car wash. The top may experience damage by the brushes or may experience leaks due to the high pressure water streams directed in areas which would not encounter water in normal driving conditions.


Risk of damage due to the cleaning jet of the highpressure cleaning equipment or hot wax treatment.

  • Do not clean the convertible top with highpressure cleaning equipment.
  • Do not use the hot wax treatment.

Do not wash the convertible top each time the car is washed.

It is usually sufficient to spray or wash it with clean water.

  • Brush dust off the convertible top in the direction of the weave using a soft brush.
  • Only if there is heavy dirt, wet the convertible top with lukewarm water and the Porsche Wash-Shampoo & convertible-top cleaner, using a sponge or soft brush, and rub gently.
    Rinse Wash-Shampoo & convertible-top cleaner thoroughly off the convertible top with clean water.
  • After washing it, treat the convertible-top cover at least once a year with the special Porsche convertible-top care product.
    Do not allow the convertible-top care product to come into contact with paint or windows. If it does, remove immediately.
  • If there is leakage in the convertible-top cover or at its seams or folds, the special Porsche convertible-top care product can be used.
  • Please note the information on the container.
  • Remove bird droppings immediately since the acid in them will make the rubber swell and the convertible top will become leaky.
  • Open convertible top only when it is completely dry, otherwise damp stains and scrub marks may occur which cannot be removed.
  • Try to remove spots from the convertible-top cover by rubbing carefully with a soft rubber sponge.

Cleaning the sun shield and weather protector (Boxster Spyder)

  • Please see the chapter "SUN SHIELD AND WEATHER PROTECTOR (BOXSTER SPYDER)" on page 159.
  • Do not wash the sun shield and weather protector in the washing machine.
  • Only store the sun shield and weather protector in the luggage compartment when completely dry because otherwise damp stains and abrasion marks may appear which cannot be removed.
  • To prevent scratches on the rear window, first remove dirt and dust from the outside using plenty of water. Then clean the rear window with a soft, anti-static cloth.

Minor scratches and dull areas on the rear window can be removed using Porsche Polyglas window cleaner.

  • Do not use Polyglas window cleaner on the convertible top material.
  • Do not stick adhesive strips, stickers, etc. on the rear window and do not mask the rear window with plastic film due to the risk of damage and discoloration.
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