2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

Page: 186

The best method of protecting your car from the damaging effects of the environment is frequent washing and the application of a preservative. The underside of your vehicle should also be thoroughly washed for cinders, salt or sanding at winter's end.

The longer salt, road dust and industrial dust, dead insects, bird droppings or substances from trees (resin, pollen) are allowed to remain on the bodywork, the more serious is their harmful effect.

New cars should be washed carefully with plenty of clear water to protect the new paint work. Dark paint finishes show up the smallest of surface damage (e.g., scratches) more readily than lighter colors.

Dark colors are also more susceptible to scratching because of the composition of their pigments and require particularly careful paint care.

  • Do not wash your car in bright sunlight or while the bodywork is still hot.
  • When washing by hand, use abundant water, a soft sponge or wash brush, and Porsche car shampoo.
  • Begin by spraying the body thoroughly with water to rinse away loose dirt.
  • After washing, rinse the car with plenty of water and then dry with a chamois leather.
    Do not use the same chamois leather for drying as you use for cleaning the windshield and windows.

Wet Brakes

Reduced or uneven braking action may be caused by wet brakes.

  • After washing the car, test the brakes and steering and briefly brake the discs dry.
    When doing this, take care not to hamper other road users behind you (traffic conditions permitting).

Automatic car washes

Risk of damage if water gets into the Boxster Spyder.

The sun shield and weather protector on the Boxster Spyder do not make the car sufficiently watertight for washing in car washes.

  • Do not wash the Boxster Spyder in car washes.

  • Please see the chapter "WIPER BLADES" on page 184.

Optional add-on parts or parts which project beyond the contours of the vehicle may be damaged by design features (e.g. brushes) of automatic car washes.

The following parts are particularly susceptible to damage:
– Convertible top (hot wax treatment cannot be used, as the wax attacks the convertible top material)
– Windshield wipers (always switch them off to prevent them wiping unintentionally in intermittent or sensor operation)
– External antennas (always unscrew)
– Rear spoiler
– Wheels (the wider the rim and the lower the tire height, the greater the risk of damage)
– High-gloss wheels (to prevent these from getting scratched, do not clean with the wheelcleaning brushes of the car wash).

  • Please consult the operator before using automatic car washes.
  • Wash and dry by hand all points not reached by a car wash, such as door and lid seams or door sills.

Automatic car washes spray water at odd angles and high pressures, which are not seen in normal driving. Therefore, water can sometimes find its way into the passengers compartment during or shortly after the car wash.

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