2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

Page: 178

If there is a defect in the automatic unlocking system:

  • Open the passenger door.
  • Pull the ring in the right-hand door aperture (arrow).


Refueling Fires/ Cellphones

The RF energy from a cellphone can cause a sparking on bare metal, much like aluminum foil in a microwave oven. The spark could ignite gasoline fumes present while refuling.

  • Do not use a cellphone while pumping gas.

Refueling Fires/ Static Electricity

Static discharge from your body can ignite gasoline fumes present when you get back out of the vehicle and touch the fuel nozzle.

  • Do not re-enter the vehicle while pumping gas.

Fuel tank capacity is listed under "Capacities". Porsche does not recommend the use of fuel additives.

Fuel is highly flammable and harmful to health.

  • Please see the chapter "CAPACITIES" on page 245.
  1. Important: Stop the engine and switch off the ignition.
  2. Slowly unscrew the tank cap.
    Hang the tank cap's plastic strap on the hook on the inside wall of the filler flap.
  3. Insert fuel-hose nozzle fully into the filler neck with the handle of the fuel-hose nozzle facing down.
  4. Do not add further fuel once the correctly operated automatic fuel-hose nozzle has switched off.
    Fuel could spray or could run over in warm temperatures.
  5. Replace the tank cap immediately after refueling and turn it until you hear it and feel it engage.

If you lose the tank cap, you must replace it only with an original part to reduce the possibility of a fire in the event of a collision.

Risk of damage to decorative film as a result of contact with fuel.

Decorative film can fade if it comes into contact with fuel.

  • Wipe off any emerging fuel immediately.

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