2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

Page: 172

Coolant Level

  • Please see the chapter "EXERCISE EXTREME CAUTION WHEN WORKING ON YOUR VEHICLE" on page 170.

The cooling system is filled at the factory with a permanent coolant.

It provides year-round protection from corrosion and freezing down to –31 °F/–35 °C.

  • Only use antifreeze authorized by Porsche.

Checking coolant level
The expansion tank with its filler orifice is located in the rear luggage compartment under the service flap.

  • Check the coolant level regularly.

When the engine is cold and the car is level the fluid level must lie between the "MIN" and "MAX" markings.

Topping off coolant

Hot Engine Coolant

Coolant gets very hot when the engine is running. The coolant reservoir is pressurised. Hot coolant can spray out suddenly if the coolant reservoir is opened without due care.

  • Do not open the cap of the expansion tank while the engine is hot.
  • Allow the engine to cool down before opening the cap and protect your hands, arms and face from any possible escape of hot coolant.

Swallowing Engine Coolant

Coolant is hazardous to health. Coolant can be deadly to children or pets if consumed.

  • Keep coolant out of children's reach.
  • Also, keep coolant away from your pets.
    They can be attracted to it should there be a spill, or to used coolant left in an open container.

Risk of damage from overflowing coolant.

  • Take care while topping off coolant not to soil the luggage compartment or items of luggage.

  1. Switch engine off and let it cool.
    Please see the chapter "COOLING SYSTEM" on page 88.

  1. Open the service flap by pulling the handhold.
  2. Cover the expansion tank cap with a thick rag.
    Open cap slowly and carefully and allow overpressure to escape.
    Then unscrew cap completely.
  3. Only add a mixture of antifreeze and water in equal parts, and do not exceed the "Max." mark.

Antifreeze in coolant:
50% gives protection down to –31 °F/–35 °C
60% gives protection down to –58 °F/–50 °C

  1. Screw cap firmly on.
  2. Close service flap.

If in an emergency pure water has been added, the mix ratio must be corrected at an authorized Porsche dealer.

Marked loss of coolant indicates leakage in the cooling system.

The cause should immediately be remedied at an authorized Porsche dealer.

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