2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

Page: 168

  1. Lift the luggage compartment lid up slightly and clip the support arm into its holder on the luggage compartment lid.
  2. Close the luggage compartment lid and push the lid closed with the palm of your hand in the area of the lock.


  • Make sure that all windstop parts are fastened securely, especially when driving with the convertible top open.

When the convertible top is closed, it is a good idea to remove the center section of the windstop to permit good ventilation of the interior or for demisting the rear window.

This is particularly the case in cold, wet weather.

Removing outer windstop parts

  • Press windstop parts to the rear and up out of the roll-over bar and take it out.

Installing outer windstop parts

  • First insert the windstop parts in the roll-over bar from the rear, then push it up into the bar.
  • Make sure that the three plastic tongues A fully engage in the roll-over bar.

Removing central section of windstop parts

  • Press release buttons B and take out the windstop toward the rear.

Installing center section of windstop

  • First insert the windstop in receiver C from the rear, then, one after the other, press forward until both upper mounts B engage audibly.

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