2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

Page: 158

Removing the hardtop

  1. Make sure that the hardtop is placed on a clean, soft surface.
  2. Open doors.
  3. Remove cover from the front locking lever.
  4. Open front latch.
  5. Open rear pivot locks (swivel inwards).
    Unplug plug of the hardtop heated rear window.
  6. With one person on each side, grasp the hardtop.
    Lift hardtop at rear and pull out of the sockets on the windshield frame at front.

Raising Hardtop

Your fingers can become trapped if the hardtop is not raised evenly.

  • Evenly lift the hardtop at both sides.

  1. Carefully lift the hardtop up and off the vehicle to the rear.
  2. Close front hardtop latch.
    Fit cover on the front latch.
  3. Close pivot locks on the vehicle with the plastic covers.
  4. Remove the connector of the convertible top heated rear window from the empty socket and insert into the socket.

  1. Swivel the sash guide of the seat belt forward. Insert the lower retaining lugs of the cover from above and clip in the upper retaining lugs on the bar.

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