2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

Page: 152

Locking the convertible top

  • Swivel latching lever B to the front until it is felt to engage.
    The locking hook C must engage in the receptacle on the windshield frame.

If the convertible top has been opened for a longer period, it could be necessary to assist the locking hook C engage.

  • With the vehicle stationary, press and hold the button for convertible top operation and pull the convertible top to the windshield using the handle recess D.

Emergency operation

  • Before performing emergency operation, please check:
    Was the ignition switched on and the handbrake applied?
    Are the electrical fuses defective?
    Please see the chapter "ELECTRICAL SYSTEM" on page 213.

Convertible Top Emergency Operation

If there are persons or animals in the movement range of all movable convertible top parts, parts of the body could become trapped or crushed.

  • Take great care when performing emergency operation.
  • Do not operate the convertible top during and after emergency operation.
  • Lever off joint rods only with the greatest care.
  • If the convertible top is not in the rearward final position, the convertible-top compartment lid or the convertible top could fall down when the joint rods are levered off.
    For this reason, hold convertible top or convertible- top compartment lid firmly before levering off the second joint rod.

Risk of damage.

  • During emergency operation, ensure that the paint is not damaged.

  1. Remove the ignition key so that the convertible top is not operated unintentionally.
  2. On both sides of the car, unclip the black rod cover A and pull it up and out.

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