2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

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Malfunction of the remote control

The remote control may not function correctly due to local radio wave interference. The vehicle will then not lock properly.

This can be identified by the missing locking sound and the missing check-back signal of the emergency flasher.

If this should occur:

  • Lock the vehicle with the key in the door.

The remote-control standby function switches off after 7 days
If the vehicle is not started or unlocked with the remote control within 7 days, the remote control standby function is switched off (to prevent discharging of the vehicle battery).

  1. In this case, unlock the driver's door with the key at the door lock.
    Leave the door closed in order to prevent the alarm system from being triggered.
  2. Press button 1 on the remote control.
    The remote control is now activated again and the alarm system is switched off.

Operational readiness of the remote control interrupted
Encoded data is transmitted to the vehicle each time the wireless remote control is operated. If the remote control is operated too often outside the range of the vehicle, this can result in the central locking system no longer responding.

In this case, the remote control and vehicle must be synchronized.

Carrying out the synchronization

  1. Unlock the driver's door with the key at the door lock.
  2. Open driver's door and insert the ignition key into the ignition lock within 10 seconds to prevent the alarm system from being triggered.
  3. With the key inserted, press and hold button 1 on the remote control for approx. 5 seconds. The synchronization is now complete.
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