2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

Page: 132

– Integrated in the BC
(Navigation instructions can be recalled on the on-board
computer display)
– When turning off
(Navigation instructions are only shown before changing direction)

Basic setting
– Restore the basic setting of the on-board computer

– Select language version

12/24h mode
Select time mode:
– 12h (small squares on the right side of the time display for AM/PM),
– 24h

USA only:
Switch daytime driving lights on and off.

Daytime driving lights (daytime driving lights switched off)
Daytime driving lights (daytime driving lights switched off)

  • Please see the chapter "DAYTIME DRIVING LIGHTS" on page 62.
  • Please see the chapter "DAYTIME DRIVING LIGHTS" on page 63.

General information regarding the on-board computer functions
Range on remaining fuel
The range on remaining fuel is continuously recalculated during the journey based on the fuel level, current consumption and average consumption. The more the fuel level falls, the more spontaneously the display reacts. For this reason, the range on remaining fuel is not displayed if less than 9 miles (15 kilometers).

If the vehicle's inclination changes while driving or refueling, incorrect range information may temporarily be given.

If the tank is nearly empty and you top up with only a small quantity of fuel, an accurate range on remaining fuel is impossible.

Average consumption and average speed
The values displayed are based on the distance travelled since the last reset to "zero".

You can set the starting time for a measurement before or during the trip. Switching the ignition off does not reset the measurements. It is therefore possible to collect values over long periods.

Disconnecting the car battery will cause these memories to be erased.

Tire pressure
The Tire pressure function of the on-board computer displays the tire pressures dependent on temperature in the four wheels. You can watch the tire pressure rise and fall while driving.

The display is only for information.

  • To correct the tire pressures, always use the displayed values from the "Info pressure" display in the tire pressure menu.
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