2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

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On-Board Computer (BC)
Display field
The display field is beneath the tachometer.

Readiness for operation
– With ignition switched on,
– with engine running.

Operation, controls
It is not possible to describe all details of the onboard computer functions in this Owner's Manual.

However, the examples will quickly familiarize you with the operational principle and help you to navigate through the menu structure.

You can restore the factory default settings at any time by using the "SET" menu.

Operating lever
The on-board computer is operated with the lower left lever on the steering column.

Selecting functions of the on-board computer

  • Push lever up 3 or down 4.

Confirming selection (Enter)

  • Push the lever forward 1.

Moving back one or several selection levels

  • Pull the lever back 2 once or several times or
  • Select the arrow on the on-board computer display with the operating lever and push the operating lever forward 1.

You can always return to the basic menu by pulling the operating lever several times.

5 - Button for voice control

  • Please refer to the separate operating instructions for Porsche Communication Management (PCM).
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