2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

2009-2012 Boxster – Manual

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The tachometer shows the engine speed in revolutions per minute (rpm).

The beginning of the red marks at the right end of the scale indicates the maximum permissible engine rpm.

A speed limiter prevents the engine from being overrevved during acceleration. Before reaching this area, the next higher gear should be selected.

Shift to the next lower gear when the engine rpm drops below 1,500 rpm.

To avoid severe engine damage.

  • Always observe the engine rpm before downshifting to a lower gear, so you do not exceed the maximum engine rpm.

Turn Signal Indicator Light
Flashes in synchronism with the turn signals.
Left arrow – left turn signals
Right arrow – right turn signals

  • If the frequency of the display becomes noticeably faster, check the operation of the turn signals.

High Beam Indicator Light
Lights when high beam or headlight flasher is switched on.
The indicator light goes out when the high beams are switched off.
The indicator light flashes in the event of cornering light failure.

Gear Shift Indicator (in vehicles with manual transmission)
The consumption-orientated gear shift indicator A on the display panel of the on-board computer assists a fuel-saving driving style. The gear shift indicator lights up as a recommendation to shift up to the next-higher gear depending on the selected gear, engine rpm and accelerator pedal position.

  • When the gear shift indicator A lights up, change to the next higher gear to decrease fuel consumption.

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