Manual: 2009-2011

Page: 89

Setting temperature

  • Press button F upwards or downwards respectively.

To suit personal comfort, the interior temperature can be adjusted between 61 °F and 85 °F/16 °C and 29.5 °C.

Recommendation: 72 °F/22 °C.

If "LO" or "HI" appears on the display, the system is operating at maximum cooling or heating power.

Automatic control is no longer active.

If the preselected temperature is changed, the blower speed can increase automatically in automatic mode.

The desired temperature is reached more quickly this way.

To avoid affecting the performance of the air-conditioning system:

  • Do not cover the sun sensor on the instrument panel or the temperature sensor C.

Defrosting the windshield

  • Press button A (switch on or off).
    The windshield is defogged or defrosted as quickly as possible.
    Air flows to the windshield only.
    The light-emitting diode in the button lights up.

AC OFF – switching compressor for airconditioning system on and off
The air-conditioning compressor switches off automatically at temperatures below approx. 37 °F/3 °C and cannot be switched on, even manually.

Whenever outside temperatures exceed approx. 37 °F/3 °C, the air-conditioning compressor is always switched on in automatic mode.

The compressor can be switched off to save fuel, but control comfort is then limited:

  • Press AC OFF button D.
    The compressor is switched off.
    The light-emitting diode in the button lights up.
  • If the interior temperature is too high, switch compressor back on or press AUTO button.

To dry incoming air in damp weather, do not switch off the air-conditioning compressor. This prevents fogging of windows.

Adjusting blower speed

  • Press button K upwards or downwards respectively.
    The preset blower speed is increased or decreased.

The speed stages are indicated by a bar display.

If the button is pressed downwards at the lowest blower stage, the blower and automatic control are switched off. "OFF" will appear on the display field.

Pressing the button upwards or pressing the AUTO button switches the blower and automatic control back on again.