Manual: 2009-2011

Page: 79

E - Adapter for security wheel bolts
F - Tire filling compressor
G - Towing hook
H - Tool kit
I - Tire sealant

Tool box

  • Unlock turn-locks C.
  • Open tool box and place it on the floor of the luggage compartment.


  • Insert tool box into the guide pegs in the luggage compartment floor.
  • Close tool box and lock the turn-locks C.

Luggage Compartment (Vehicles with Porsche Traction Management PTM)
Access cover A

Risk of damage to sensitive vehicle components.

The space behind the access covers is not suitable for storage.

  • Do not store any objects behind the access cover A.

B - Access cover for tire sealant
C - Tire filling compressor
D - Tool kit
E - Towing lug
F - Adapter for security wheel bolts

Tire sealant
The tire sealant is located behind the access cover B.

  • Open access cover B using the opening.

The tools are located under the floor plate of the luggage compartment.

  • Lift the floor plate on the opening and take out.