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Manual: 2009-2011

Page: 76

Storage in the Passenger Compartment

Unsecured Loads

Unsecured or incorrectly positioned loads can slip and endanger the occupants in the event of braking, changes in direction or in an accident.

  • Do not transport any heavy objects in the storage trays.
  • Always keep the lids of the storage trays closed while driving.
  • Do not carry unsecured luggage or objects in the passenger compartment.

Additional storage possibilities
– in the doors,
– in the door sill next to the passenger's seat,
– in the center console,
– behind the rear seat backrests
(only with the convertible top closed on the Cabriolet, when opening the convertible top there should not be any objects
in the area behind the rear seats – risk of damage),
– storage tray with coin holder between seats,
– glove compartment with CD and pen holder,
– clothes hook on the roof frame,
– clothes hook on back of front backrests
(depending on vehicle equipment),
– enlarged storage space by folding the rear seat backrests forward.

Storage tray between the seats

  • Press release button and lift the lid.
    There is a coin holder and socket in the forward part of the storage tray.
  • Please see the chapter "SOCKETS" on page 222.

Glove compartment

Open glove Compartment

An open glove compartment may cause injury during an accident.

  • Keep the glove compartment closed while driving.


  • Pull the catch and open the lid.


  • Lock the catch to secure the contents against unauthorized access.
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