Manual: 2009-2011

Page: 74

Cupholder (holder for drink cans and cups)

  • Keep the cupholder closed while driving.

Hot Drink Spills

Hot drinks can cause scalding, if spilled, causing potential loss of vehicle control.

  • Only use containers that fit.
  • Never put overfull containers in the cupholder.
  • Never place hot drinks in the cupholder.

Extending cupholder

  • Press the panel.
    The panel opens.
  • Press the symbol for the respective cupholder.
    The cupholder extends out.
  • Close panel in the middle.

The cupholder diameter can be increased by pulling it out to hold larger containers.

Pulling cupholder out

  • Pull out holder (arrow).
  • Insert container.
  • Carefully slide holder inwards to adjust it to the container size.

Closing cupholder

  • Push cupholder drawer in.
  • Open panel in the middle.
  • Close and engage the cupholder.
  • Close panel in the middle.