Manual: 2009-2011

Page: 67

Emergency Flasher Switch
Operational readiness of the emergency flasher does not depend on the ignition lock and turn signal lever position.

  • If your car is disabled or parked under emergency conditions switch on the emergency flasher in the dashboard.
    All turn signals and the indicator light in the switch flash with the same frequency.

Emergency Stopping

Other vehicles could collide with your vehicle if you are parked in a dangerous position.

  • Whenever stalled or stopped for emergency repairs, move the car well off the road. Switch on the emergency flasher and mark the car with road flares or other warning devices.
  • Do not remain in the car. Someone approaching from the rear may not realize your vehicle is stopped and cause a collision.

Hot Exhaust System and Tailpipe

Risk of fire close to the hot exhaust system.

Exhaust fumes and the exhaust system are very hot when the engine is running. The exhaust system (including the tailpipe) remains hot for some time after the vehicle is turned off.

  • Do not park or operate the vehicle in areas where the hot exhaust system may come in contact with dry grass, brush, fuel spill or other flammable material.

Engine Heat Danger when Working

Engine components become very hot when the engine is running.

  • Before working on any part in the engine compartment, turn the engine off and let it cool down sufficiently.